Some VERY ALPHA code

This page hosts some code that has been written for Linux-Privs. Comments and suggestions should be directed at

(WARNING: If you don't know what VERY ALPHA means, please do not try any of the code on this page.. Specifically, no liability is assumed if anything on this page causes you any trouble - of ANY sort!)

Latest patch against Linux-2.0.31pre9. Supplementary patches:

Patches against 2.1.xx:

Complete patch features:

Here is a compressed i486 floppy disk image (and here is my PGP signature for this file).

To try out the floppy disk, you should download the gzipped .img file and do the following:

    gunzip BootRoot.img.gz
    dd if=./BootRoot.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1k
You should then be able to boot this file to see how the linux-privs work is coming along. (There are no passwords).

Note, the BootRoot disk does not have any hard disk, CD or any networking support compiled in (the patch to the kernel does support these, but I want to minimize hassles with this floppy). It is a simple self-contained system that copies a compressed ext2 filesystem onto a 4 megabyte ramdisk and runs from there.

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